VendBox:The Latest Technology In Vending Machines

We are a high-tech vending machine manufacturer, we are committed to providing quality vending solutions across various organizations in India. Being the first medicine vending machine manufacturing group in India, we have provided many types of machines across the market.

Vending machine manufacturers India, VendBox is the latest technology and our expertise helps you to venture into a new market. Whether you are an existing user looking for better products and services or a potential customer who wants to come on board for your start-up venture.

We've made a promise to our customers and partners, we will always deliver quality products and services. We assure you that we are committed to providing value-added solutions for your vending machine needs by bringing forth the latest technologies in the market.

VendBox has been focused on providing high-quality and affordable vending machines. VendBox is the manufacturer of single door, double door, mini and custom vending machines. The products offered by VendBox range from single units to complex networked systems.

Our focus is on providing cost-effective solutions to the vending industry across multiple industries including retail stores, restaurants and more.

We provide full assistance during the entire process from design to installation up to maintenance of installed vending machines by ensuring proper maintenance service requirements through a team of experts and skilled professionals by itself which enables us to bring down the cost of production and give reasonable prices to our customers.

Our products can be easily installed in any location due to their small size and highly customized options. We help you to design your product which makes it unique with our complete support.

VendBox India is a leader in offering innovative and cost-effective vending machines. With rigorous quality checks at each stage of manufacturing, we ensure that all our products are fully functional before they reach the customers. Our customer-oriented services help you save on costs and maximize your revenue.