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Rental Model

You can now increase your presence and upscale your business & revenue in market not just limit to your city or area, expanding upon state/country level just with ease of our rental service.

You can now rent a vending machine and get the benefits of vending machine without the hassle of buying and carrying one!

Seat back and don’t worry about machine maintenance, we can taking care of all the operation and maintenance of vending machine.

Services we provide

Options of Models

Customization of model is available. Simply configurable to accommodate consumer necessities. Manage and management your inventory

Unbeatable Support

High quality service and world-class customer support including an account manager. We deliver benefits and value to your business.

Direct Bank Transfer

What could be superior to no rate share or commission charges? Whatever you procure from the vending machine ‒ all yours! Get cash straightforwardly in your financial balance.

Product refilling Solutions

Re stocking your vending machine may annoying you and your work or production process.

Machine Maintenance

Your vending machine service provider can do more than just restock your machine; they can also clean and maintain it. This way, if your machine ever breaks down, you'll always have a reliable partner to help you get it back up and running

VendBox provides a variety of cost-effective leasing alternatives for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Give us a call or send us an email today to learn more about any of the vending machines we sell!

You can check and analyse sales performance , revenue generation, customer acquisition etc. and generate reports with single click through dashboard.

Note: Renting a vending machine is an affordable, cost-effective approach to generating revenue. The cost of rental machines can vary depending on the size and type of machine needed.